How a Trackday runs:



Gates Open

8.45am to 9.30 am 

Documentation: Bring your Licence & the Indemnity form that Playday on Track emailed you a few days before the event.


Drivers briefing
(All drivers & passengers must attend)


Cars on track for Familiarisation laps 
(low speed, passengers allowed, helmets not required).


First group of cars on the track


All cars must be off the track


There is usually a food caravan and / or a coffee caravan on site.

How it works:

Cars go onto the track at approx. 5 second intervals for a 12 - 15 minute session then return to the pits. You drive at the speed you feel safe at.

We limit entries so there are no more than 4 groups and it is common for people to tells that they covered 100 to 200 Kms or more on track that day. (The record is 328Kms in one day!)

This is not a race meeting and no cars should ever contact so we have strict passing rules.

Passing can only be done under acceleration, so no passing under braking is allowed If a car catches you we ask you let it pass or if it is slower on the straights get it to move ahead of you in the queue for the next set of laps.


We leave it to you to arrange the group you go in and if you are not happy with the speed of that group you are more than welcome to change groups to find others at your level.


See the drifting section (Coming soon)
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